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Beastmaker Motherboard 2000

457,50 €
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The Motherboard is the first electronic backboard developed by Beastmaker in collaboration with griptonite. With the aim to create an effective insight tool that makes your training far easier and more efficient, as well as making it far clearer to spot weaknesses, the Motherboard is your new secret weapon for channelling into the next grade boundary.

The Beastmaker Motherboard detects load and bias, through its multiple weight sensors, allowing failure to be identified in different hands, arms and fingers, alongside exact loads. Due to the fact that the Motherboard offers constant feedback on your training, your sessions will be far more efficient and fruitful, without the need for coaching. The Motherboard can also measure peak power, train at a % of body weight, and assist with benchmarking in the grippy app. Available to be combined with both the Beastmaker 1000 and 2000, the Motherboard is the next step in your climbing training set-up.

Please Note: The price displayed is for the Motherboard, and does not include the Beastmaker 1000, or Beastmaker 2000.
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