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Beta Climbing Designs Beta Project Brush Stick

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No more taping your brush to a nearby stick/broom hangle with finger tape or making a human pyramid out of your mates and passers by to reach those grubby finishing holds. The Beta Project Brush Stick is a telescopic pole, with a range of up to 2.5m, which allows you to easily clean out of reach holds. Weighing in at only 510g and compact enough to slot easily into your mat, compare that to a 2.5m branch that is stiff enough to have some power behind your brushing. The head unit of the Project Brush Stick is designed to fit (and comes supplied with) a Lapis Uber brush, which features a large surface area and soft bristles. The fastening is secure and the brush is difficult to knock out, even with the most vigorous use! Most other brushes fit too, including I'bbz, Moon, Black Diamond, So Ill, Scarpa, Sublime, Evolv, Metolius, Snap and more. The head unit has three angle settings: straight, 45 degrees and 90 degrees. And for the narcissists out there, there is a selfie stick adaptor available for phone or camera attachment.....enough said...


- Compresses to 86cm to fit inside most standard bouldering mats
- Extends to 264cm with the Lapis Uber brush
- Designed to be compatible with a range of current bouldering brushes
- Head angle is easily adjusted and securely locked to 3 positions – vertical, 45 & 90 degrees
- The M6 bolt is compatible with many camera mounts and selfie stick attachments
- Selfie stick mount available as an optional accessory
- Twist lock secure mechanism
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