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Black Diamond Camalot Z4 Offset

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The Black Diamond Camalot Z4 Offset cams have been designed with input from the company's top trad climbers, the result is a single stem cam which stays rigid when in your hand, but has flex when placed. This is achieved through the use of independently floating trigger wires. This unique functionality makes the Z4 easy to get into a placement but also reduces the chances of the cam walking when subjected to directional pulls. The dual, twisted cable construction in the larger sizes allows for flex in all directions, whereas the smaller sizes have a single cable construction to reduce the trigger profile but also avoid buckling when the trigger is pulled hard. The narrow head width is ideal for tighter placements and the 4 sandblasted lobes ensure excellent holding power. With offset lobe sizes these cams will provide a more secure hold in non-uniform placements and irregular cracks.


- RigidFlex stem stays rigid in-hand for easy placement, but flexes once placed to reduce walking

- Dual twisted cable construction for uniform flex on larger sizes; single cable construction on smaller sizes to avoid buckling and reduce trigger profile

- Narrow head width for tight placements

- Sandblasted lobes for better holding power

- Lightweight yet durable Dynex sling with a unique color scheme for easy identification from other Camalots



- [.1/.2] 10.4-16.3 mm (0.41-0.64 in)

- [.2/.3] 12.5-19.6 mm (.49-0.77 in)

- [.3/.4] 15.2-26.9 mm (.59-1.06 in)

- [.4/.5] 18.8-33.3 mm (.74-1.31 in)

- [.5/.75] 0.91-1.60 mm (.91-1.60 in)


- [.1/.2] 5 kN (1,124 lbf)

- [.2/.3] 6 kN (1,349 lbf)

- [.3/.4] 8 kN (1,798 lbf)

- [.4/.5] 9 kN (2,023 lbf)

- [.5/.75] 10 kN (2,248 lbf)


- [.1/.2] 45 g (1.58 oz)

- [.2/.3] 48 g (1.69 oz)

- [.3/.4] 56 g (1.97 oz)

- [.4/.5] 64 g (2.25 oz)

- [.5/.75] 80 g (2.82 oz)
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