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Blue Ice Harfang Enduro (Toe Basket Included)

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The Blue Ice Harfang Enduro are ultralight, ultra-compact crampons designed for ski touring and classic mountaineering. This Enduro version comes with both fully auto and semi-auto front bails, so they'll attach to any mountaineering boot with a heel welt.

Blue Ice's patented concept is a flexible strap linking system between the Harfang's points, allowing the whole crampon to be collapsed to a size far smaller than traditional, fixed crampons are able to. Their design allows you to mount them in the perfect position on your boots, and a key feature is a micro-adjustment dial on the heel lever, which allows you to fine-tune the fit of the crampon on the boot. No crampon packs down smaller, making them an essential addition to any ski tourer, glacier walker, or mountaineer who values lightness above all else.
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