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C.A.M.P. Sling Stop KS Dyneema

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The Camp Sling Stop KS Dyneema is a lightweight Dyneema® dogbone equipped with the Karstop Evo carabiner retainer.
Ideal for breathing a new lease of life into your quickdraw set, or to construct your own bespoke set of draws, the Camp Sling Stop KS Dyneema features a strong urethane rubber keeper that fits snugly to the carabiner to prevent it from rotating and minimizing the risk of cross-loading. Alongside this, the bolt end opening remains looser, helping the draw move in line with the natural rope path. Perfect for we conditions or trimming unnecessary bulk from your rack, the Camp Sling Stop KS Dyneema provides all of the features needed to construct an ultimate quickdraw. Available at either a 11cm or 18cm length.

**Technical Specifications**

- Material - Dyneema

- Strength - 22kN

- Weight - 11g (11cm); 14g (18cm)


- Dyneema sling

- 11 and 20 cm

- Rated to 22 kN

- Features the Karstop Evo carabiner retainer on the rope end
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