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Climbing Technology Nimble Evo Pro NY Quickdraw Set 12 cm (with Fixbar)

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The Climbing Technology Nimble Fixbar NY Pro is an extremely robust and lightweight quickdraw ideal for sport climbing, for intensive use and for working routes. It can handle higher workloads that most quickdraws on the market with the major axis strength being a whopping 25 kN, minor axis strength with an open gate 10 kN and the sling 22kN.

Top and bottom carabiners are the CT Nimble Evo a large ‘biner with a kinked back bar giving both a wider gate opening and making the krab slightly easier to steady for a clip. Hot-forged from light alloy, with I-beam construction, they are slightly heavier than some krabs but at 44g they offer an extremely high strength to weight ratio. Both have an ergonomic shape with a snag-free keylock gate with a low profile nose that prevents accidental catching during use. The top gate is grooved making it easier to grip and compatible with clipsticks; the bottom is curved allowing easy and fast insertion of the rope and reducing the risk of accidental release of the rope. The dogbone is thick, ergonomic and robust, easy to grab when projecting or bolt-to-bolting, constructed of durable polyamide in variable width (25/16 mm).

What is different about these quickdraws is the new rubber retaining bar “Fixbar” which prevents the top carabiner from rotating around the sling and/ or anchor, avoiding the possibility of cross-loading the carabiner and preventing the ‘draws from turning upside down on your harness making them hard to take off, a major plus when you need to get your pro’ in fast. The lower carabiner is equipped with the “Fixit” rubber fastener preventing accidental rotation during use and protects the sling from wear and tear.

Weight : 108 g
Closed Gate Strength : 25 kN
Open Gate Strength : 10 kN
Cross Load Strength: 10 kN
Sling Strength: 22 kN
Gate opening: 22 mm
CE Marking
Individually tested to 12 kN

Sold as a 5 pack in 12 cm length.

Available in sexy Orange and Green combination.
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