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Croatia Climbing Guide (2022)

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This is a new and fully revised 9th edition of the Croatia Climbing Guide published in April of 2022 in 3 languages - English, German and Croatian. Covering all of the climbing in Croatia (except Paklenica), that's over 70 different crags with over 3,600 routes across more than 70 crags, there are 205 routes from F3a to F4c; 632 routes between F5a and F5c+; 1438 routes between F6a and F6c+; 933 routes between F7a and F7c+; and 242 routes F8a and above. There's also 221 routes that are classed as projects! The guide has good maps in it along with GPS coordinates, information of when the best time of the year is to climb at each crag and other useful information like the style of climbing and the crag hight.


- ISBN: 9789536912254

- 9th edition, 2022

- The most detailed climbing guide in Croatia

- Croatian-English-German

- Author: Boris Čujić

- Format: 127 x 210 mm

- Number of pages: 682
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