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DMM Dragonfly Offset

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Offering versatile protection for narrow cracks and small pockets, the DMM Dragonfly Offset cams cover placements from 8.7 to 28.3mm.
Taking influence from the renowned and massively popular Dragonfly Cam range, the Dragonfly Offsets boast bold colour coding and thumb loops, that allow easy selection when up on the wall. Perfect for adding to your set of Dragonfly cams to create the entire family, the offset's design is perfect for irregular, flared cracks and pin scars, whilst their camming angle of 13.75°, that's also used with DMM's Dragons and Dragonfly Micro Cams, provides the optimum balance of holding power and range.
TripleGrip lobes with a ‘raw alu’ surface offer holding power, particularly on smooth rock types such as slate and limestone, whilst the Dragonfly Offset's narrow head width and compact trigger allow the cams to be placed deep in small pockets.


- Offset cam sizing for irregular cracks and pin scars

- Trigger for quick distinction from normal sizes

- Colour coded lobes

- Sling colour corresponds to size of larger cams thumb loop tubing colour corresponds to size of smaller cams


- 13.75° camming angle - Proven optimum combination of holding power, range and performance

- TripleGrip lobes with ‘raw alu’ surface - Improved grip

- Ergonomic thumb loop and trigger - Easy to handle

- Flexible stem cable - Minimises walking

- Narrow head width - Fits small pockets

- Extendable 11mm Dynatec sling with compact stitch pattern - Extend either strand

- Complement smaller Dragon Cams - Sizes 4, 5, and 6 Dragonfly Cams overlap with size 00 – 1 Dragons

- Compact trigger bar - Allows deep placements
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