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Edelrid Ohm

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The Edelrid Ohm features an assisted-braking resistor, it effectively increases braking while climbing with partners of varying weights. Its swivel joint ensures freedom of movement, eliminating concerns about clipping direction when securing the first bolt of the climb. Additionally, the locking system ensures safety by preventing accidental openings and simplifies rope insertion and removal during lowering.

- Far lower forces are exerted on the belayer
- Lowering a heavier person in a controlled manner is far easier
- OHM is attached at the first bolt in the safety chain
- The device reduces the risk of a collision when falling on the first bolt
- Rope handling when belaying a lead climber not affected (no additional friction when paying out rope)
- “Makes the belayer 25 kg heavier”
- Minimum belayer weight: 40 kg
- For single ropes from 8.9–11.0 mm
- Additional features

Technical Specifications:
- Approved rope diameter: 8,9 - 11 mm
- Manual

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