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Edelweiss Kinetic Belay Device Kit

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The Kinetic is a small, compact belay device with manual asisted locking. Designed for Top rope and Lead belaying its a great versitlie device which adds that extra bit of saftey with the assisted locking. It can only be used with single ropes and works best with a rope diamiter of 9mm to 10mm, but it will also work well with an 8.5mm and a 10.5mm rope.
It also comes with a JET Screw gate Carabiner! The JET is lightweight with a very erganomic shape and a catch free closure.


**Kinetic Belay Device**

- Weight - 210 g

- Material Light alloy Standard

- CE - EN 15151-1:2012 - UIAA

**JET Screwgate Carabiner**

- Weight 65 g

- Material Light alloy

- Opening 20mm

- Major axis strength 24 kN

- Minor axis strength 8 kN

- Open strength 7 kN

- Length 107 mm

- Width 66 mm

- Standard CE - EN12275 / 362 - UIAA

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