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Grivel G12 Evo Crampons

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Ideal for the general mountaineer, the G12 Evo Crampons are an evolution of the standard G12, which is one of the most popular crampons on the market. Boasting 12 points, the G12 Evo is perfect for walking in, but can also handle Grade V Scottish Winter and perform solidly on many, many alpine lines. With 2 additional spikes at the front of the crampon compared to the Grivel G10, the G12 provides extra security on steep ground thanks to said spikes being longer, narrower, and more aggressive, perfect to deal with steep ice. <br />Improvements to the G12's webbing have been performed, the G12 Evo makes use of 12mm webbing in comparison to 14mm, its buckle has seen improvements and is now far easier to tighten and loosen. The G12's extra webbing now fastens in towards the boot and wraps around the front of the ankle and can be tucked into the back. Alongside this, step-in bindings have been simplified and therefore improved, by adding a clip-in height adjuster in place of the old dial, making them far lighter, stronger, and easier to adjust. A general mountaineering crampon at the top of the game, the G12 Evo re-imagines a classic and will suit anyone looking out to conquer more challenging ground.



  • New-Classic - Strap-on bindings with front and back cradles, for flexible boots or boots without a heel notch. Suitable for B1, B2 and B3 boots
  • New-Matic - Semi step-in bindings with front cradle and heel lever-lock, for semi-rigid boots with a heel notch. Suitable for B2 and B3 boots
  • Cramp-O-Matic - Full step-in bindings with front bail and heel lever-lock, for rigid boots with a heel notch. Suitable for B3 boots.
  • Dual-Matic - can be used as Cramp-o-Matic or as a New-Matic binding by changing the front binding. Suitable for B1, B2 and B3 boots

Technical Specifications:

  • Tools Required: No
  • Antiball Plates: Yes
  • Boot Size: 36-47
  • Number of Points: 12
  • Materials: Steel
  • Weight: 916g


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