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Lattice Mega Bar

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Get prepped, warm up, and avoid the pump, the Lattice Mega bar is the latest addition to a range of portable Hangbaords by Lattice and is the perfect tool to get your digits and muscles prepared for your next send attempt.
Featuring a mega comfy jug for pre-climb pull-ups and on the other side, Lattice's infamous 20mm edge, the Lattice Mega Bar is beloved by the climbing community, thanks to its skin-friendly tulip-wood construction, versatility, and packability.
Alongside this, the mega-bar boasts a 10mm micro-edge to get your fingers totally equipped for the task at hand, alongside a pre-tied, bullet-proof attachment cord for hanging at the crag or at home.
Handmade in the UK, the Lattice Mega-bar is a superb addition to anyone's climbing training arsenal and is the gate-way to feeling prepared and warm before tackling your most recent project.


- The Lattice 20mm edge with it’s signature radius for comfort and reliability.

- 10mm micro edge to get those fingers recruited and warm for the smallest of crimps.

- Super comfy jug for gentle warmups and endless pull ups.

- Fine adjustment system so you can dial in the right angle no matter where you hang.

- Super lightweight portable hangboard, two and one handed hangs on all edge sizes.

- Skin-friendly – We use our industry-standard tulipwood for its straight grain, fine texture and soft feel so you can save it all for the rock.

- Pre-tied attachment cord – ready to train out the box.

- Handmade in the UK to ensure quality & reduce emissions.

**Product Info**

- Material - Tulipwood & Nylon attachment cord

- Dimensions - 40x6x6cm

- Weight - 450g
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