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Lattice MXEdge Lift

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A lifting edge like the Lattice MXEdge Lift offers a unique lifting experience, maximizing finger loading for enhanced strength gains. Its tailored geometry focuses on the maximal loading of individual fingers, promoting muscle engagement and compound gains over time. With two size options available, it accommodates various hand sizes, ensuring a personalized and effective training tool for climbers of all levels.

- PULL HARDER ON THIS ONE OF A KIND EDGE: Lattice has spent hundreds of hours researching ergonomics, usability and peak force production to develop a unique edge geometry that is not only comfier but lets you pull harder!
- 7 DIFFERENT GRIPS: the MXEdge Lift includes 3 edges, 3 pinches AND a cheeky mono so that – no matter the climb – the MXEdge can be specific to your training.
- SIZE DOES MATTER: The MXEdge Lift comes in 2 SIZES, small and large! Choose a board that matches your ability, preferences, goals, and – most importantly – hand size!

Technical Specifications:
- Weight: 0.4 kg
- Dimensions: 200 × 150 × 50 cm
- MXLarge – edge: 22mm, 16mm, 12mm| pinch: 100mm, 57mm, 16mm | mono: 28mm
- MXSmall – edge: 18mm, 14mm, 8mm| pinch: 100mm, 57mm, 16mm | mono: 25mm

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