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MSR Reactor

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The MSR Reactor is a revolutionary cooking system (including both the stove and pot) that will get the most out of your fuel by protecting the flame from the wind and intelligently regulating the fuel supply. As a result the Reactor is MSR's fastest and most efficient stove.

The stove's burner is enclosed by a state of the art heat exchanger, which bestows the Reactor with unmatched performance in windy conditions. Furthermore, an advanced pressure regulator ensures that the stove works at an optimal level even when fuel canister is nearly depleted.

The included 1.7 litre pot will hold both the Reactor stove and a standard fuel canister to ensure the system does not take up too much space. The pot should be big enough to cook for up to 3 people. The see through lid can be held in place by a collapsible handle, allowing you to transport your freshly cooked grub safely.

  • Unmatched Wind Protection: Radiant burner head is enclosed by heat exchanger for maximum protection in even the windiest conditions.
  • Unrivaled Boil Time: MSR Reactor out-performs the competition in lab tests—boiling a liter of water in just 3 minutes—with a far greater advantage in windy conditions.
  • Maximum Efficiency: Patent-pending radiant burner and heat exchanger make the Reactor the most efficient all-condition stove system, so you carry less fuel.
  • Integrated System: State-of-the-art stove and high-efficiency pot are combined into one compact, easy-to-use system.

MSR Reactor Specs:
Minimum Weight1 lbs 2.2 oz / 515 g
Packaged Weight1 lbs 2.8 oz / 532 g
Burn time (MSR IsoPro) per 227-g / 8-oz. canisterAppx. 80 minutes
Boil time (MSR IsoPro), 1 liter3 minutes
Water boiled (MSR IsoPro) per 227-g canister22 liters
Water boiled (MSR IsoPro) per 1 oz. of fuel2.8 liters
Country of OriginMade in Seattle, USA
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