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Ocun Ozone Plus

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How I choose the correct size?
All climbing shoe models fit differently. We put together our 'shoeculator' to help you find the right size in a new model, compared to your old climbing shoes or street shoes.
Choose from the options below to find your size in the Ocun Ozone Plus
Climbing Shoe
Street Shoe
This sizing advice is based on two pairs of brand new shoes. Leather shoes tend to stretch more than synthetic shoes. When switching from synthetic to leather you may want to select a smaller size.
Ocun have designed two versions of their velcro fastened performance shoe, the 'Ozone'. This is the 'Plus' version, which is best suited to wider feet. If you have a narrow foot shape take a look at the standard Ozone insead.
The Ocun Ozone Plus is built on a slightly asymmetic last (less asymmetric than the standard Ozone). This is typcially more suitable for wider foot types, particularly where this is combined with Morton's/Greek toe (where the second toe is the biggest). In such situations in can be difficult to find a high performance shoe that is not excrutiatingly painful, hence Ocun's decision to produce two versions of this shoe. The Ozone Plus has a mildly downturned profile which is useful for overhangs.
The Ozone Plus to have a snug, comfortable fit with minimal deadspace, which combined with the Vibram XS-Grip rubber, ensures that the Ozone Plus is both precise and reliable on tiny footholds.
If you have wide feet, and are looking for a reasonably priced high performance shoe then the Ozone is a winning bet. Narrow feet? Try the standard Ozone!
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