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Ocun Twist - Last Season's

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The Ocun Twist has all the standard features that you would expect in a harness. If you are looking for something that will cover your needs in a variety of situations then the Twist is a great option. A floating waisbelt design will ensure that the belay loop can be centered at the front of the harness. The padding will therefore be evenly distributed around your waist. Adjustable leg loops will allow a comfortable fit to be achieved whether you are wearing lightweight gym shorts or heavy trousers.


- The movable waist belt system

- Adjustable leg loops

- Safety joint system

- 3 slide-lock stainless steel buckles of stainless (2× 20 mm, 1× 30 mm)

- 4 gear loops


- Waist - 60 - 90 cm

- Legs - 48 - 65 cm

- Weight - 365g


- Waist- 75 - 105 cm

- Legs - 55 - 72 cm

- Weight - 395g
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