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Scottish Mountaineering Club Ben Nevis - Britain's Highest Mountain

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Ben Nevis: Britain's Highest Mountain is an epic story recounting the history, the challenges, hardships, adventures and joyous moments of seemingly every famous climber; plus poets, geologists, map makers and pioneering meteorologists. This is the second edition of the original SMC book, expanding and enriching the chronicle and bringing it up to date. Starting with the earliest map makers of highland Scotland in 1585 and ending with Dave MacLeod's ascent of Echo Wall July 2009. It is absolutely riveting, illuminating why this mountain is such a special place, and why it was so important in world mountaineering, a mountain whose global status far outstrips its modest altitude. For more than 100 years, mountaineers have honed their skills and equipment on its flanks and ridges and applied them to dazzling effect in the Alps and Greater Ranges. This book is painstakingly researched and highly illustrated, it is a real labour of love by Ken Crocket, with updates by Simon Richardson. Featuring countless rare old black and white stills of the earliest climbers, the great snows of past winters (and summers), and beautifully reproduced colour photographs on almost every page from professional climbing photographers like Cubby and Ian Parnell, bringing so many parts of the mountain to life. Inspiring forewords from Jimmy Marshall and Ian Parnell exlain perfectly why the Ben is among the best mountains for climbing in the world and why it is now so popular. Whether you have a first hand connection with the mountain or have yet to set foot their this book is a must.

* Fully updated 2nd edition of the history of Britain's most famous mountain from 1585 - 2008
* Highly illustrated with more than 400 (mostly colour) photographs, diagrams and maps
* Hardback
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