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Spiroll Rope Protector

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Spiroll Rope Protectors employ a unique patent pending technology whereby the device’s rugged polyurethane material wraps snugly around a rope several times to secure itself in place.
Spiroll Rope Protectors are easily placed anywhere on a rope and then slid into the desired location. They will not slide down a rope and do not need to be tied off (ropes >9.5mm). Application takes less than 20 seconds.
Two or more overlapping Spiroll protectors can be used in tandem for expanded coverage.

**Heres the small print:**
*Always verify unit placement/location on rope before and throughout climbing. Unit movement on rope might be experienced under various environmental conditions (ice, wet ropes, etc.), an increase in Spiroll unit diameter, and/or use on ropes having diameters less than 10mm (approximately); tie off with separate chord if necessary. Rope/anchor movement must be avoided. Spiroll protectors only partially protect ropes from abrasive surfaces in the immediate vicinity, and will offer no protection against crushing forces and/or rope/anchor failure. Keep Spiroll protectors away from excessive heat, harsh chemicals, and corrosive solvents. Spiroll protectors and rope must be inspected after every use for ware. Replace Spiroll protectors if damaged or worn.*
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