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Tendon Master Pro 9.2

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The Tendon Master Pro 9.2 is designed for sport climbers that need a skinny rope but need it to be durable so you don't need to carry one rope for working routes and another for the send. The Master Pro 9.2 can withstand as many falls as the a much thicker rope. It uses Tendon's SBS system where each strand of the sheath is plaited separatelly and not in pairs it makes the sheath surface much more compact and smoother and so more resistant to abrasion and last longer while in contact with rocks with less firection and rope drag. The Midpoint is marked with a colour band for safety, and the ends have the core and sheath connected into on unit.

Complete Shield is Tendon’s maximum level protection for its ropes. Complete Shield uses a new progressive method called NANOTECHNOLOGY: TEFLON® Eco in the form of very small particles is applied to the rope’s sheath and core to form an almost impermeable protective layer against water and dust, preventing damage to the rope’s core. Complete Shield adds water and abrasion-resistance to protect against harsher weather and environments, and significantly extends the lifespan of Tendon Ropes.

Rope diameter (mm) 9.2
Weight (g/m) 58
Number of UIAA falls 9
Max impact force (kN) 9,1
Sheath Slippage (mm) 0,3
Static elongation (%) 6,1
Dynamic elongation (%) 31
Knotability 1
CE 1019 yes
EN 892 yes
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