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Tindeq Progressor 200 Testing Bundle

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Tindeq Progressor 200
Tindeq Progressor 200 Testing Bundle

Prodotto disponibile

242,69 €


    Get an extra 10% off our usual sales price with our Tindeq Progressor 200 Testing Bundle. (Price may vary according to the VAT rate of your country.)

    This bundle includes the Tindeq device, two versatile Penta portable fingerboard with various edge depths, a sling, and two Litewire carabiners — everything necessary to begin testing your finger strength and other vital performance metrics.

    The Tindeq app simplifies testing with real-time force graphs, data tracking, and logging. It offers workouts to evaluate peak load, endurance, and rate of force development, enabling you to accurately track strength improvements over time and pinpoint your weaknesses.

    Now, you can measure your finger strength at home, in the gym, at the crag, or on the go, eliminating the need for bulky fingerboards or specialized analysis equipment.

    PLEASE NOTE: we will accept a return only for all items in this bundle, not for single items.


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