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Unparallel Sirius - Last Season's

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Named after the brightest star by magnitude, Sirius or "the Dog Star," the name literally means "scorching" or "the scorcher". And well named, the Unparallel Sirius lace is smoking hot ultimate bouldering shoe. These shoes are on fire on vertical and steep overhung terrain where contact friction is paramount. It's extreme asymmetry combined with a moderate downturn sole in thin 3.5 mm versatile Unparallel Real Supreme®™ rubber give the Unparallel Sirius expert precision, a high level of sensitivity, and a grip that will make you feel like your hooking with razor sharp talons. Combined with a medium-stiffness midsole this shoe has enough support for longer climbs and for edging on the tiniest of footholds when needed. The lacing system is offset to dial in the perfect fit and to give an extended toe rand allowing there to be more contact rubber in toe hooks. All this means there is no compromise between fit and perfomance especially if you have a very wide or narrow foot. The upper of the Sirius Lace is made of robust microfiber material giving the shoes a comfortable feel straight out of the box and little to no stretch and they have been given a full outsole.
Built on a last that is almost identical to the old 5:10 Dragon's with an updated molded heel mechanism and Unparallel Real Supreme rubber which was specially developed for overhanging and steep problems. It excells where you are unable to exert as much downforce on a hold - i.e., this rubber grips harder with less effort required by you to make it stick.
They size small and narrow, the Unparallel sizing is nomally near your street shoe but in this model you will probably only just (just!) be able to squeeze into your street size, they are intended to be fit extremely snugly to achieve the highest level of performance possible but a size or two up might be sensible.

**Tech specs**


- FLEX: Medium


- SIZING AND FIT: Narrow Foot

- LAST: High Asymmetry

- SOLE MATERIAL Real Supreme®™


- PROFILE: Moderatley Aggressive

- LINING: Lined

*Unparallel shoes was started 2017 by a close friend of the founder of Five Ten when Adidas closed it's base in California and moved production to China and Germany for operations. Despite the fact that UP is new, their knowledge and expertise is not; the company boasts over 20 years experience in the industry, it has at it's helm the head of Five Ten development and production and several ex-employees. UP say they aim to honour Charles Cole, the founder of Five Ten, and an innovating climber who had an enormous influence on the climbing industry as a whole, to make shoes that perform better, and they have done just that. You might recognise many of the favourite Five Ten models in their range, but rest assured that many of the things you didn't quite love about your old shoes have been updated and the rubber has been transformed. They are also handmade so some of the quality issues that Five Ten shoes had have been ironed out too. For years UP made rubber for Five Ten and So ILL, now they have a range of their own compounds that are super sticky and engineered and processed in North America. One of two compounds offered is RS, a super soft rubber that comes only in a 3.5 mm thickness; this stuff is extremely sensitive and conforms to just about any surface. The other is RH, a medium hardness compound that is an excellent all-around rubber offered in 3.5 mm and 4.2 mm thicknesses.*
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