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Wild Country Meshuga

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Wild Country said they wanted to do something different with their climbing shoes, and the Meshuga brings with it the new Michelin Formula Wild rubber and a unique upper construction. The upper may look simplistic, but it's actually quite innovative. (Notice how there's no rand?) A layer of PU (polyurethane) is layered within the microfibre upper. Being 10x as strong as rubber, gram for gram, PU is much more durable and will help maintain the shoe's performance shape for much longer.

The Meshuga's thermoplastic insert and flexible toe-box create pulling-power through the toes, a characteristic which lends itself to steep, overhanging climbing. However, its moderately aggressive shape and medium-to-soft midsole mean it will make a great all-rounder. The low-to-medium angled toe-box also allows for a more performance fit.

• Profile: Moderate downturn and asymmetry
• Toe-box: Low-to-medium angled
• Stiffness: Moderate-to-flexible
• Upper: Two layers of microfibre with a layer of PU in between - little or no stretch
• Sole: Michelin Formula Wild

**Michelin Formula Wild:**
Unlike traditional rubbers which are cut from a sheet, Michelin Formula Wild is moulded. This method allows Wild Country to vary the thickness of the rubber across the entire sole, allowing for greater control of sensitivity and flex in each area. This compound is also more consistent in different temperatures, as well as offering integrated arch support for increased stability and torsional resistance and easy resoling thanks to the customised half sole.

**PU Sandwich:**
Rather than use randing to create tension, a layer of PU is sandwiched between the microfibre upper. Because PU can hold 10x the amount of tension than rubber can of the same weight, less materials can be used, resulting in a lighter shoe. And, because it has a longer lifespan, the shoe will maintain its performance shape for longer.
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