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Andrea Boldrini

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Andrea Boldrini produce some of the highest quality climbing shoes in Europe, renowned for their high levels of comfort and carefully crafted designs. Based in Bourg-de-Péage in South East France, Andrea Boldrini is a small and independent manufacturer dedicated and passionate about producing the most innovative and most technologically advanced climbing shoes on the market.

All of their shoes are handmade by a small team with the utmost care and attention, and even the shoe's rubber is Boldrini's own formula that they've designed to work harmoniously with their high-performance shoes. Renowned for their unparalleled levels of comfort irregularly found in aggressive and technical shoes, Boldrini are also recognised for the special F.C.S (Full Contact Sole), which, similar to La Sportiva and their No-Edge technology, uses a one-piece rubber toe-box with a reduced edge to enhance technical ability and reduce wear. Whether it's sport climbing, bouldering, or big wall climbing, Boldrini offer shoes that look, feel, perform, and last like no other pair of shoes on the market. (Boldrini also offer resoling for all types of technical shoes, which you can learn more about at

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