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E9 clothing stands out. We have a huge selection of t shirts, shirts & tops, trousers, shorts, and hoodies & sweaters with bold colours, eye-catching designs and superb quality.

E9 is an Italian company founded in 1988 by former world boulder champion, Mauro Calibani, and now resides in Meschia, a bouldering mecca - and this is reflected completely in its design. It's a climbing clothing brand that is synonymous with the laid-back Italian style of morning coffee, afternoon climbing, and evening aperitivo, all probably with coffee breaks in between, and all whilst wearing the same stylish pants. Head over to Italy and you'll see what we mean; so many yellow trousers! With some of the most vivid and eye-catching colour palettes, bold artwork, and innovative designs, E9 truly captures the bouldering spirit. Now, where's my coffee?

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