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Arco Rock

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A fantastic new 2022 edition of a guidebook to a fantastic old destination. Arco is famed for its amazing climbing, views and the international climbing competitions that are held there every year. This guide covers all the climbing around Arco and the Sarche valley near Lake Garda, and the Giudicarie valley near Trento in Italy. It features 136 different crags with over 5,200 routes on beautiful, perfect limestone. To make finding the crags easier each crag has a QR code and GPS coordinates which can be put into any smartphone, along with a general location map, now its almost impossible not to find the crags! The guide also contains other very useful information like altitude, exposure to the sun, how good the bolting is, popularity, if it is child-friendly, and how many routes at certain grades there are at each crag, along with many more useful tips. This is the newest edition and has extra contents: in-depth interviews with some of the most significant personalities in Arco's vertical history, both past and present; QR codes with GPS coordinates, which can be used with any smartphone and easily lead you to the car parks below all the crags; videos made especially to visit some of the Valley's most beautiful rock faces.

English language throughout.

Expected: Early May 2022


- Number of pages 704.

- Size 210mm x 151mm (A5 format).

- ISBN 978855470957

- Published Date: April 2022

- Edition: 5th
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